Certified Recycled Aggregates

  • We can offer a stand alone muck away service, alternatively we can offer an aggregate in and muck out service at the best price in Argyll.

  • We run a fleet of SEPA registered waste carrier tippers.

  • We have full SEPA exemptions in place for Inert materials.

We Can Supply

  • 6F5 is a recycled aggregate made from crushed hardcore and is built up of 75mm down to dust. The 6F5 is normally used as bulk fill to build up levels/ capping layer.

  • Recycled Type 1, Is a 50mm down to dust aggregate made up of either crushed brick and concrete or recycled stone. Excellent material for road build up or grading.

  • Recycled Tar, We crush the tar down to a 40mm down to dust to produce an excellent hard wearing material, excellent for roads and pothole repairs. Is the same as tar ‘plainings’.

  • Recycled Bulk fill, this is a 500mm down to dust stone material. This can be used for road formation or infill material.

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